Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

This year's Earth Hour is just around the corner - Saturday 27th March 20:30 to 21:30 local time. I observed it last year and planning to do so this year too. Please spread the word about the event. All one needs to do is switch off all light switches and electrical appliances during this period, simple isn't it? But more importantly, all this will have a lasting impact only if we make some small changes in our lifestyle on a regular basis.

You can find some interesting stuff in the official earth hour website, especially the did you know section.


chithal said...

Good thought. But I was thinking if it is necessary to have a formal timeperiod to practice. A pretty obvious question, I sheepishly agree.

I feel it more prudent that one switches off unwanted electrical equipments (how often we see tv running in the hall and all folks are either on the dinner table or in kitchen or on phone, not watching the tv show?) Why not switch off the tv? it can always be turned on when needed. And don't put them in stand-by mode. Physically switch them off. Stand-by still consumes electricity.

The biggest fake powersavers are computer screensavers, of course. They don't save electricity (unless you chose to blank out your computer screen)

I remember one study which said that if we were to remove one LED from each electical/electronic item, it would save thousands of $$ worth electricity every year. Hmm.. time to tinker around a few gadgets.

BTW, great to see you back in action! Keep buzzing around :)


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