Saturday, July 26, 2008

Really Sad

.. that serial blasts in Bangalore (9 blasts) yesterday and Ahmedabad (17 blasts) today have terrorized everyone in these cities and shaken them to the core. But what is even sadder is that the only thing that the governments of Karnataka and Gujarat have done so far is point fingers at the Central Government.

Can't we expect a little more empathy than this from our country's politicians?

Edited to add (29Jul'08): And today BJP MP Sushma Swaraj gave a totally new perspective to the serial blasts. According to her, the ruling UPA government is behind the blasts just to divert the negative publicity it had received during the recent horse-trading in parliament. Just how low can she (and most of the other politicians) stoop just for the votes? Honestly, what was the lady really thinking!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Small Luxuries

As days go by I realize that I have got used to some small luxuries - most of them related to the time available at hand - which I will terribly miss once my vacation ends.
  • No early morning alarms - after having relied on my alarm clock/cellphone alarm to wake up for years, it was a pleasant change not listen to this harsh sound first thing in the morning. In fact, the only wake-up holler I get these days is from Adi - my 3 1/2 year old nephew - "Maasi, get up now. I'm leaving for school. Miss me while I'm gone"
  • Happy hours - I have been able to actually get happy hour discounts for the first time in my life and I'm definitely happy about them. Be it at the gym, bars, sometimes even while shopping!
  • Appointment? No problem- getting appointments has never been easier. Most of the weekday hours are always available - at the salon, therapist, dentist, hairdresser; just about anywhere. Which working person would be interested in getting their hair done at say, 11.30 AM on a Wednesday?
  • No crowd - Having so many museums and art galleries in the neighborhood and having loads of time at hand is an amazing combination. I have managed to visit most of them at a time when I am probably the only person in there.
  • Trivial things too - like taking long showers, having breakfast at noon & lunch at 4 PM, reading every page of the newspapers .. oh and the occasional afternoon siesta!

Is there a way I could freeze time?