Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Rainy Day...

It was a busy day at work. I had to leave earlier than usual in the evening to attend to something important. It was one of the days when I wasn't driving home myself. He was already on his way to pick me up. I was almost racing against time to wrap things up. So much so that I had to forgo my afternoon tea. He calls " I am ten minutes away from your office". "Gosh!", I swear under breath, I had not realized it was so late. "I'm on my way out", I gushed. The walk from my building to the gate takes over 10 mins!!

The sky was slightly overcast and there was a nice breeze when I left my building. I had walked only a few steps when it started raining ... not a light drizzle, but one with raindrops the size of ping-pong ball!! On a good day I absolutely love the rains, but not today. By the time I reached his car I was half-soaked in spite of the umbrella. His welcoming smile almost made be forget my misery. He started driving. I mumbled something like "I was so caught up today I didn't even get time for tea. I feel dead without it ". He gives one of his trademark smiles and says "Put your handbag in the backseat, there's something for you over there". I find a bag containing a flask of steaming hot tea, a coffee mug and a box of cookies!!

What I say out loud is "You are the best! I couldn't have asked for anything more" and I say to myself "I'm so lucky to have found him .. I'm glad he is the one .... "

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