Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue - Some Observations

First off, this is not a movie review post, just some random observations I made while watching the film Blue.
  • The first few minutes of the film are breathtaking! They show the underwater life in the ocean surrounding Carribbean islands. Looks more like a Discovery Channel feature than a Bollywood film's opening credits. If you miss these few minutes, half your money's worth is lost
  • The person who was holding the camera must have been very short (say about 3 ft tall). Most of the shots that have women in skimpy clothes, the camera is focussed only at their waist or below. So it was anyone's guess where the camera would focus whenever a woman in bikini appears on the screen
  • If you have many great tattoos but don't have a great body to go with it, you are a loser. Sanjay Dutt, with his fancy tattoos could not show them one bit due to his huge paunch. Poor guy!
  • If you are not in shape, please please please don't wear diving suits. You have no idea how gross it looks!
  • Yes, Lara Dutta has a wonderfully toned body in this movie and I liked her styling too
  • Kylie Minogue song was over-hyped. She did not look that hot either. What was the price they paid her I heard??
  • Rahman's music was a bit of a let-down, I didn't remember even a single song after leaving the movie theatre!
  • Akshay still seems to be extremely fit. The guy looks much leaner than he has looked in any of his recent releases
There was something I liked about the movie, wasn't it? Oh yeah, the first 5 minutes of the film showing underwater life. Well, I already mentioned that in the beginning...