Friday, February 10, 2012

Karnataka's Porngate - Some Thoughts

Just when you thought that politics can't get any bizarre than it had become in the recent run-up to polls and the quintessential mud-slinging associated with it, you get surprised and how. Yesterday's newspapers were filled with the news of 2 state ministers of BJP government were caught on TV cameras watching porn clippings on their phones while the assembly was in session. The clippings were apparently sent to them by a third minister.
As a person of liberal leanings, I feel that it is an individual's prerogative what he/she wants to watch. Moreover, watching porn privately is not illegal in India whereas its distribution is. This incident has triggered  an interesting series of questions. Below is my list, in no particular order:
  • When one of the 2 ministers was asked why he was watching porn in assembly, he gave a lame excuse saying the discussion in assembly was about rave parties and he was seeing the video to educate himself about what happens in such parties. Did he really think we would buy that? Are our ministers that sincere to actually do homework for discussions? Would he have seen a related video if the discussion was on poor sanitation/drinking water/traffic problems? That they were even discussing about rave parties in the first place itself is such a waste of time
  • When the 3rd minister was asked about him sending the clipping to these 2, he said " Have they gone mad or what?". This indeed was the most priceless sound byte for me :) . But legally, this third minister is committing  a crime by circulating a pornographic material whereas the other 2 are not by just watching. My 2 cents - isn't there a law against ministers wasting taxpayers' money by doing these inane acts in assembly instead of engaging in some constructive discussion?
  • What's with the portfolios held by these ministers? One was Cooperation minister - what does he cooperate in? Another was Women and Child Development minister - the same person who had made a comment not so long ago that women can avoid sexual harassment if they dress modestly. No wonder we've had such phenomenal development of women and children.
  • This being election time, the political circus that followed was anybody's guess. With both BJP and Congress giving the media details of each other's scandalous past, opposition asking for President's rule in the state, Legislative Assembly being adjourned sine die and so on. I am surprised that no one has blamed the opposition yet of planning this conspiracy to taint the party's image. Or have they done it already?
  • Lastly, who is the loser at the end of it all - the citizens of the state who pay their hard earned money as taxes so that our elected leaders discuss matters that are more important than watching porn clippings on their phones?
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Thursday, February 9, 2012


After months of not eating/making salads, I finally got back to making a delicious bowl today. It was a simple one with red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, sprouts and cucumber dressed with a dash of balsamic vinegar and a sprig of mint leaves. I put it in the freezer for 5 minutes just before eating to make it crunchier.
I hope to get back to eating them more often. Isn't is surprising that not so long ago salads used to be my staple lunch for months?