Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things-to-do and Things Done Well

It appears that a lot has been happening in the past few weeks which has made my blogging take a back seat. There have been many times when I clicked on 'New Post' link when some thought appeared in my head and I felt like putting it into words. But then it disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared without taking a proper form and I was left staring at my computer screen for a long time.There are other things also that I have been ignoring lately; most important of them being my reading. I have not read a single book in the past 3 months or more. My bookshelf is filling up with unread books (well, I have a habit of buying at least one book every month). So I have Murakami's Underground, Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul, Franz Kafka's Complete Novels, Bronte's Jane Eyre, John Steinbeck's East of Eaden, Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... the list seems endless. I also need a lot of catching up to do on the movies front. The last film I saw was Wake up Sid and that was more than a month ago!

But things haven't been as bad on other fronts all this time. I have managed to catch a lot of plays at Ranga Shankara lately (Girish Karnad's Flowers and Bikhre Bimb and Swanand Kirkire's Aao Saathi Sapna Dekhein to name a few) and am going to watch Naseeruddin Shah's Waiting for Godot tomorrow.

The other good thing is that I have started driving - in Bangalore and on my own! Well, it might seem innocuous to people who drive, but for a person like me, it is a big deal given the fact that I have taken driving lessons from professional instructors twice (the first one being 9 years ago!), got my driver's license about 10 years ago and still got nightmares at the mere thought of driving on my own in Bangalore traffic! Probably I will write a separate post on my driving (mis)adventures some time soon. I have also been taking language lessons of which I had been planning ever since I landed in Bangalore 9.5 years ago. Will write more about it on completing it :).

And while reading the post one final time before publishing, I realized that most of my plans take 9-10 years for me to turn them into reality! Now, what does that say about me? :(