Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Rainy Day...

It was a busy day at work. I had to leave earlier than usual in the evening to attend to something important. It was one of the days when I wasn't driving home myself. He was already on his way to pick me up. I was almost racing against time to wrap things up. So much so that I had to forgo my afternoon tea. He calls " I am ten minutes away from your office". "Gosh!", I swear under breath, I had not realized it was so late. "I'm on my way out", I gushed. The walk from my building to the gate takes over 10 mins!!

The sky was slightly overcast and there was a nice breeze when I left my building. I had walked only a few steps when it started raining ... not a light drizzle, but one with raindrops the size of ping-pong ball!! On a good day I absolutely love the rains, but not today. By the time I reached his car I was half-soaked in spite of the umbrella. His welcoming smile almost made be forget my misery. He started driving. I mumbled something like "I was so caught up today I didn't even get time for tea. I feel dead without it ". He gives one of his trademark smiles and says "Put your handbag in the backseat, there's something for you over there". I find a bag containing a flask of steaming hot tea, a coffee mug and a box of cookies!!

What I say out loud is "You are the best! I couldn't have asked for anything more" and I say to myself "I'm so lucky to have found him .. I'm glad he is the one .... "

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renuka said...

:). My two cents, if you want things to remain this way, don't get married. By the way somebody allowed me to read this on the condition that I don't raise my expectations :(((. See this happens when you get married.


cactus said...

too much romance and all..great great..I second renuka's advise.. there is a difference in a way we guys treat our gf, our fiance and our wife. same girl gets different treatment as she goes up the ladder...pre marriage post enagagment period is the best time for girls try extending that of luck dear..


I dunno ... the previous two comments are "fashionable". And no disrespect to you folks!!!

I think what makes relationships tick is the two individuals, in it. There is no precedence, there is no history .. it's just about the moment and what one makes of it; and if such moments are made frequently enough; it doesn't matter whether you are a girlfriend or a fiancee or a wife. At the end of the day, it's the two of you!!!

All the best !!!

Vee said...

@Renuka: Looking at u & R it's hard to believe anything has really changed between you too after marriage :). I believe u r just taking a jab at him by saying so, no? ;)
@Cactus: Many of my married friends have told me the same thing. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that things don't change for me :).

@Me-Moi: I agree with what you say - it is upto the two people involved what they make of a relationship. My dad did almost the same thing (of carrying tea in a flask) for my mom when she was reaching Bangalore after a long journey by train :)

chithal said...

No comments!!
(I know what you will think...)

Vee said...

@Chithal: No no, I'm not thinking anything. You tell me! :)