Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are you observing Earth Hour this Saturday?

This year's Earth Hour will be observed this Saturday, 28th March from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM IST. All that needs to be done during this hour is to keep the lights and other electrical appliances switched off during this hour - at home, work place ... wherever possible. This would be our little contribution towards controlling global warming. I have signed up for it, so can you - here (for people in India) and here (for everywhere else). More information on earth hour is available here.

During this hour I am planning to have a candle-lit dinner on my balcony, what are your plans?

Update (28th Mar'09, 9.45 PM): The Earth Hour is officially over; I haven't switched on the lights in my home yet. I was on the roads for most part of this hour, so the candle-lit dinner did not happen. But I was glad to see many commercial and residential buildings in the city with minimal lighting - including my own apartment complex. None of the campus lighting (there are around 300/400 of them!) were switched on during this hour. Way to go, Bangalore!

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abhi said...

If you really care about earth you can switch off your lights any time ,doesnt make a diffrence whether its Earth Hour or not

Vineeta said...

I agree, people who use electricity sparingly will always do so - irrespective of Earth Hour. This event is directed more towards creating awareness amongst corporates and other individuals who are mostly apathetic to climate change and its root causes. As long as Earth Hours helps the environmental cause, I am not complaining.